Dienstag, 4. November 2008

daisycutters at dinner

I was listening to some music today and heard something that sounded like "IED", but I wasn't sure. It made me start thinking about changing vernaculars and what words are being introduced to the young generation of today.
I then instantly was reminded of an office Christmas party. It was a moment that will always be the beginning of what made it easy to relocate to another country. We were at a lovely restaurant enjoying an exquisite meal and one of my colleagues started talking about daisy-cutters and the bombing of Afghanistan. I was disgusted by the conversation and the glibness and the disregard for human-life, while in the same breath they would describe the lives lost in the twin towers with such a worth that they would apparently sell their common-sense for them.
At the same time, in a ethics course I was being lambasted for admitting that no one knows what is in someone's heart and one should probably not attempt to know the inner workings of someone's heart or mind. This was terribly unpopular among the blood lust at that time.

I am so ready for the meanness that seems to surround elections to end. I am ready for coded and non-coded hate-speech to recede from the forefront of most media. I am hopeful that I will be able to see the more attractive side of my country instead of the ugliness that I have seen now and again.
I wish that I were stronger and better able to stay in America and make it a better place. I wish that whatever children I may raise with multiple citizenship could learn from me by example to believe in the best in America and Americans. I wish that I could show them grass-roots power first-hand. Nevertheless, I thought that I would be able to protect them more in Switzerland, these future children who do not yet exist. I thought that while they were learning multiple languages I could filter out hateful language or angrier language or ignorant language or words that no little children need know. That they could be raised thinking that daisy cutters are a tool for a florist.

I am so proud of both of my siblings for the work that they are doing for one of the countries, of which any children I have, will be citizens. I'm glad that they have more patience and courage than I.

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