Dienstag, 31. Mai 2011

From Logan Airport to Logan Square

We've made our first official stop on RT 66!
We are happily arrived in Chicago,  Il and everything that I've ever heard about the city is running through my head. Wind does blow garbage through the air ("What state's Chicago in? I'd say Il!") and grit painfully against my legs. Our hosts say that "Chicago-style pizza is disgusting and nothing but butter and cheese" ("....A toddlin' town") etc.
Our hotel is lovely. Chosen for it's proximity to our friend here, we're totally charmed by it. We had a wonderful lunch in the nasty heat, after a skinny hostess swayed away, burdened with our back-packs and saying "...it's no problem..." to put them aside until their 3 pm check-in.
A walking tour with Ivo's old college buddies led us through a veritable globe of segregated communities. A neighborhood resided in by Orthodox jewish and Iraqi communities led to a Korean neighborhood. (There was a deli that offered Korean-Mexican food.) We stopped in Little India for delicious milk-based refreshment and then continued down back down the road for Ivo's first experience with Korean Barbeque. (I had a buckwheat vegetable pancake.)
We're back at the hotel early, due to "jet-lag" and "meat coma" and will forgo using our "whisky tokens" that we've been given, to be used at the bar downstairs. For now, we can choose from provided reading material that includes "9 Stories" by Salinger or "The Missing Piece Meets the Big O" by Silverstein; in this hotel room that very much resembles that of a teenager in a by-gone decade (there is an old cassette player with pre-made mixed-tapes; a comforter that I swear could be an exact copy of my brother's from years ago and one accent papered-wall that a 16 year old would find intensely creative.)

Tomorrow, the Trib building and a Great Lake swim.

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