Montag, 12. Dezember 2011

tunnel angst

I likely chose the wrong country to live in, given the fact that I dislike driving through tunnels. Here in Switzerland, tunnels go through mountains at crazy long stretches. Old and new caverns are born through massive amounts of rocks. (The drill is crazy impressive.)
When driving through tunnels, I like to keep the radio on. When the static gets lets staticy, I know that I'm nearly through. The fear is that I'll get stuck in traffic and the tunnel will collapse, or that in the traffic I'll asphyxiate on fumes. Truly unreasonable fears, I recognize, but they're there and I listen to the fuzzy radio and look for the light at the end.
There've been a bit of silly stresses recently. In the time when Ivo and I would have been basking in our newly set up apartment, we've been dealing with mine and our new puppy's health issues. The lil' fuzzball needs an inordinate amount of attention at a time when I'm less than %100. It's all a bit much and poor Ivo is a victim in his healthy ability.
Penny's stitches come out Friday, I'm getting care like crazy and the fuzzy radio is coming clear. We're nearly through the tunnel. In the meantime, I'm so grateful for Ivo's and my loved-ones patience. 

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