Samstag, 3. Januar 2015

this long pause

I've been writing elsewhere and mostly writing private (see: depressing things or cheesy (see: grateful things). But I did used to like having a blog, though my mother will no longer read (see: deceased) it.
2014 was the year I lost my mother and the year I got a lot healthier. It still breaks my heart that it had to happen in that order, as I know that she'd have been so pleased. My guts have never been more smooth and healthy, and mentally, I'm keeping up. I'm more sane and grateful and steady than I've ever been. I imagine that the one likely has a lot to do with the other.
Among all of that getting healthy, my husband got the job of his dreams. As a couple who seems super keen on learning and introspection and talking w-a-y too much about how that all works, we've found our comfort zone with his increased work time away from home just in time for him to return to working at home to finish his dissertation.
So we're still learning and still adapting and still letting go and mourning and being grateful and trying our best. And we're still on the path that will hopefully lead to parenthood; another prospect that will be bittersweet in my mother's absence. 

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