Donnerstag, 12. März 2015

9 extra floors

I'm teaching past continuous vs past simple. In the Pre-intermediate book, there is a couple who met in Blackpool, broke up, and then married 50 years later.
I naturally plan a lesson where they watch all the interstitial scenes from When Harry Met Sally. I ask questions that can only be answered if they  really listen. The only question for the couple that met in Chicago despite having been born, lived and worked mere feet from one another in New york is "Why is it remarkable that they met in Chicago?" This couple speak over one another. The man is telling the story and the woman is dropping in relevant details to flesh out the story. One student complained this week that they were too difficult to understand, because they were speaking over one another. Another student said "but this is how couples speak! It's important to learn." The first student said "I don't intend to ask English speakers how they met."
So that's that.
I also finished this lesson with Tim Minchin's If I Didn't Have You. But I helpfully printed out the lyrics, as they're delivered quickly and in an Australian accent.

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