Samstag, 2. Mai 2015

2nd of May

water canons at stauffacher 2009
My first May 1st in Switzerland was sunny and warm. We went to the proper parade after the illegals parade and then dined behind the police station and escaped to our neighborhood before the schwarze block bashed through.
That night, we went to dinner and a movie and I felt profoundly guilty taking advantage of businesses that made their workers work on worker's day. But we walked to both places and took a tour of the destruction on our way. Bus shelters were shattered, the high-end car dealership around the corner from our place was smashed to bits and a woman who should have been taking the day off was cleaning up the glass shards.
Since that day, that same car dealership has hosted a grill party for a group of hells angels any time that labor day was sunny. The dealership provides the grills, meats and benches and the hells angels provide security.
Now I have a basset hound, I can't go anywhere near any teargassed areas. (The poor dear suffers from it.) Plus the weather has been poor the last few May days, (so much for April showers bringing May flowers.) I had actually intended to go this year, as so many of my friends now have small children and want to expose them to the more wholesome and political parts of the day. But the weather (and a vicious sore throat) kept me away.) An early morning pre-rain walk with my dog today revealed that the rain hadn't just kept me away yesterday. The bus shelters were still standing and I didn't see one broken window.
So I missed out on this important annual celebration, but Eurovision is just around the corner.....

cow catchers (crowd control vehicles) by Birzirksgebäude in 2009

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