Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2015


Jeepers, I'm getting lovely practice at staying present and patience. I had an MRI last Wednesday and will not get the results until tomorrow. So I'm diverting focus - or trying to.
Last night, Ivo said that he was offered the trip to Bosnia to cover the anniversary and I gave my whole-hearted endorsement. We started talking about films made around the time of or about the time of the war and he said "We should watch No Man's Land on Wednesday." I thought about it and the fact that I may get good or bad news on Wednesday morning and said "Maybe next Wednesday."
Then this morning at the gym (hooray for feeling well enough for the gym!!!!!!!) it occurred to me: Back to the Future II!
October 22 is Christopher Lloyd's birthday, and was thus used for Back to the Future II. And as of Thursday, we will be beyond Robert Zemeckis' vision of 2015. So I voice messaged my husband and one of our closest friends and made a plan. I'm cooking some (vegetarian) Lahmachun and we're going to eat dinner in front of the TV and watch what might have been.
I first saw Back to the Future II on Thanksgiving. There was a snow storm and it was meant to get bad and so we canceled our plans to drive to my aunt's for a family dinner and mom took pork chops out of the freezer. We kids were crestfallen. We love, love, love Thanksgiving. My brother's been a massive fan of it since that time we had our great big dinner and walked around a lake (or was it a pond?) and then went home and watched the animated Hobbit movie. It was the last Thanksgiving before our dad was officially out of the house. Thanksgiving is also really beloved because there's no gift-giving stress and the whole point is togetherness and yummy food. But in 1989, there was a significant lessening in our togetherness thanks to snow and there were frozen pork chops.  But then, mom said "why don't we go to the movies" and we did. We asked a couple of friends om our street to come along and we popped into the van and headed - slowly but steadily - to the cinema to watch Back to the Future II.
Of course the conversation on the ride home was mostly about the sneakers and the hoverboards in the film. I wonder if any of those kids in the van are currently "hoverboard"-owning adults. (I understand that those handle-less segways are called hoverboards. I first saw one this summer and involuntarily gasped "the future is here!")
I used to love chats on the rides home from the movies with my family around that time. I still remember my brother and his friend Seth and their loquaciousness on the subject of the possibility of genetically reviving species of dinosaur and the magic of frogs after going to see Jurassic Park. Now, I hop on my bike after watching a movie with others. It's different. Not only is there less chat (I really dislike riding bikes side-by-side in the city - or most places, if I'm honest - which makes anything short of shouting difficult) but that feeling that one gets after an intense film totally takes over one on the ride home. There's an intensity and speed. I'm sure that it's not just me. After seeing 2011 in New York, our walk home to the hotel had me jumpy. Every big building we passed, I could almost see how it would crumble in the big earthquake. But that's another post.
So we saw a movie that made us think of the distant future and then ate pork chops and talked about what we were thankful for and all those things to look forward to or avoid in the future.
But I was correct back there at North Station this summer. The future is now. And my future may be altered at my doctor's appointment tomorrow. But today, I made fun plans with fun people and found a great recipe for vegetarian lahmachun.

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