Samstag, 21. November 2015

Still the same old story

The holidays are coming and traditions will be followed.  I will watch a series of films that were made in my youth and features love songs from my grandparent's youth and get teary and sigh.
On the journey to self improvement, the phrase "there is another way" has been helpful in changing myself for the better. It also seemed to be a theme to the holidays last year. I do feel more sane when I let go of my vice grip on how I think that things should go.
But no matter what has happened between holiday seasons, I can watch a rom com with too much red and green and Dooley Wilson will sing "It's still the same old story..." and things will feel comfortably samey. George Bailey won't want any more plastics or ground floors. Harry Stiles will convince us that it's not because it's New Year's Eve. And Annie Reed will make me feel less foolish when she gets all emotional about An Affair to Remember.
But then Esther Smith will say that it's her last dance in St Louis and she thinks she might cry and you remember that things do change, that it's not the same as last year and that can be good and bad.
It's not the same old story and thank goodness, because I've been with my husband for 11 years and fear that he's heard all of my stories. But he's off in Transnistria over Thanksgiving, interviewing Russian peace keepers and I'm headed to the US to hug my siblings tightly before my ostomy surgery and thank goodness that we can keep having new and different experiences so that we have something to talk about at dinner.

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