Dienstag, 19. Januar 2016

Ode to my abdomen

It's January and I'm aware of how succeptable I've been to New Year weight loss advertising in the past. This year, all I want is to enjoy my strong body before surgery.
When I was 16, I had 2 temp ostomies in 9 months. The first was an ileostomy (where the end of the small intestine was outside my body for 6 months.) the second was after my ileum had been reconnected to my rectum and a loop of small intestine was outside of my body to let the new connection heal. 
When I woke up from my second surgery, my bellybutton was gone. I was cross with my surgeon and he (a former mechanic from the Bronx) said "I didn't do it. Someone else closed. It might still be there but got staples in. But if you did lose it, it's the ultimate rebellion. You'll never need a tattoo or piercing."
It was just stapled in. I was relieved as only a self-conscious 16 year old can be. 
I've lamented my abdomen for nearly 20 years. I try to have scar pride, but can't help to notice the buttock effect of a scar through a middle whenI look down at it.
But now that my middle will be changed dramatically and permanently, I'm feeling a lot of love for it and wish that I'd given it more respect in the past.

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