Samstag, 9. Februar 2008

who is to blame?

I am not shot to the heart, but I am being moved by 80's music.
Ivo's birthday is Tuesday and the celebration thereof shall take place on Saturday. The theme is "the 20th anniversary of Ivo's 6th birthday."
I am having a bit too much fun planning a day to commemorate Ivo's 6th birthday. I have bought him a pilot's hat and RC plane (he most wanted to be a pilot when he was 6), got us set up to go to the Dinosaur museum (he spent his 6th birthday at a dinosaur museum) got him a stuffed koala, like the one that he recieved then.
What I am most thrilled about, however, is the cd that I have made him. I was listening to it as a playlist on my ipod and I got so excited it's nuts. I knew all of the words and inflections to all of these songs, which were, apparently, hits in 1988.
I need you tonight
Heaven is a place on earth
I think we're alone now
Shake your love
I was listening to the list as I went for my evening walk. I wound up laughing, grinning madly and fighting the urge to sing along. Suddenly I worried. What if this particular gift is more for me than for him? Uh oh.
Good Lord, what was up with all of the synthetic music back then?!

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