Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2008

My adult slap bracelet.

It is almost back to school time. The "Sport Holiday" is almost over and my children will soon be back from ski-vacations, tanned and ready for our spring-time learning.
To prepare myself, I went out to get some new house-shoes.
Upon entering our school, one must change out of their out-side shoes and into their house-shoes or "finken" if you like. "Finken" means slippers, so when I first began my employment and was told to get "finken" I went out and got some cheap comfy slippers.
Since then I have become recognizable from across the room by my shuffling step. When I change into my slippers each morning my feet and knees seem to cry out "no! no! please don't! What have we done to deserve this?!"
Therefore, the decision was made to get a stable healthy shoe that I will wear in my 40 hours pacing in our little school-house, running after children, walking from table to table to lunch to kitchen to..... you get the idea. I went out shopping for those sneakers today, armed with respect for my body and knowledge that my mother and sister suffer heel-problems (which I have only now and again after strenuous fitness or wearing heels too long). I got me some MBTs.
MBT's are all the rage among health-conscious, non-appearance-conscious baby-boomers in Switzerland. The websites and ads say that models like Kate Moss and actresses like Julia Roberts wear them when walking in the city, but I don't know if I believe that. I've only seen them being worn by the same old-folks who buy those weird neon bracelets and necklaces that are supposed to help your ions or something.
There is an actual course that is recommended when you buy these shoes. There is a dvd as well. One must learn how to do stairs and hills and what-not in these shoes. Luckily, I shall be wearing them only inside on a level surface and shall not screw it up, though the sales girl did have to show me how to stand in them. One rocks back and forth in them so that one is in constant motion.
They are not exactly "Jimmy can jump" shoes from Seinfeld but they are....well they're funnier to look at than orthopedic shoes and the gait resembles that of a girl that I knew in high school who was mocked for her stride.
I shall letcha know how it goes and if they are recommendable. My "hip" shoes. My one piece of fad apparel. My MBTs.

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