Samstag, 1. März 2008

All is fair in International Affairs

I had more questions to answer for my Russian visa than Ivo did.
Supplement to the questionnaire-form No 95

Question 7
List all countries You have visited in the last ten years (give the name of each visited city)

Question 11
List all professional, social and charitable organizations to which You belong (belonged) or contribue (contributed) or with which You work (have worked)

Question 12
Do you have any specialized skills or training, including firearms, explosives, nuclear, biological or chemical experience?
If Yes, explain_______

Question 13
Have You ever performed military service?
If Yes, give name of country, branch of service, rank/position, military speciality and the dates of service)

Question 14
Have you ever been in armed conflict, either as a participant or victim? Please explain.

Quesion 15
List all educational institutions You attend or have attended. Include vocational institutions

It's really not so bad. When I hear the horror stories of folks trying to get into the US, it's a pittance, really.
I've taken Psych exams for work that were worse.

Question 3
Have you ever tried coffee... or PCP?

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