Montag, 10. März 2008

Change you can find in the couch

I changed a mind.
This weekend I was easing up my German with a glass of wine or two and my friend (and possible future boss) was asking what the hell Obama means talking about change?
I explained and he seriously at the end he said "Oh, I get it".
This has no bearing on the election, as he is Swiss, but it did me well somehow. Ivo was impressed. Maybe it was just the language thing.

Someone who is not willing to change, was an old lady on the bus today.
It was clear that she is a woman who always takes the first seat on the bus. Today, the seat next to it was occupied by a young man.
The old lady was asking the young man a question of no consequence. He pointed to his hearing aid as a way of saying "I can't hear you."
"Oh!" She said in a way that would make anyone think that she understood. Two minutes later, however, she was trying again. Going on about some-such nonsense. The young man nodded sweetly. As he was looking at her attentively he view swung my way and I began to sign to him.
"What is she, crazy? Doesn't she understand?"
The kid signed back to me. "She probably talks to lots of people who don't understand her all the time. Also, things change a lot. She probably thinks that my hearing aids are a new headphone for a new i-whatever. Things change."

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