Donnerstag, 6. März 2008

oh hate speech

My father-in-law and I recently had a really molten-hot fight, provoked by his use of terms that I found both inappropriate and offensive. We've not yet fully recovered. A colleague of mine said "It's been a long while since I was in the States. I imagine that I would be confused about what is inappropriate or offensive."
This may be. I have at times used terms that I'd not known to be offensive. Having been corrected, I excuse myself and make a mental note for the future. This can happen, but I don't see how it can happen with the expression "zu der vergassung".
Swiss people who are otherwise loving and respectful, will apparently use the phrase "to the gassing" with no thought on the origin of the term. Ivo and I heard it last night at dinner and whipped ourselves into a froth on the walk home.
"What would you say if someone used that expression in conversation with you." Commence whipping into froth.
"'Wait. What sort of gas?' I would ask. No, no, no. I'd say 'don't you mean zu der Zyklon B verbrauch?'" One must understand, there is the expression "zum kotzen langweilig". This means so boring one must vomit. "Zum Kotzen" "to the vomiting". This is how this expression is used as well. Interchangeable-like. "to the gassing boring".
Having a full tummy is the wrong tome to discuss this topic, as the moment you stop thinking how you can stick it to the ignorant people who use this phrase, you become totally pained by the truth that people ignorantly use this phrase.

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