Montag, 24. März 2008

The eternal babysister

I lament the fact that everyone in town has a bigger bathroom than me.
Even those with the.....shall we say view?

This Easter Sunday was the first time that I was all alone on an Easter. It was noticeable. In the streets, I was the only one who was alone without flowers. There were some folks who were alone, but they all had flowers. They were en route, either to or from, a loved one's house.
At one point, I was walking up the street to the video shop. The constant flurries of yesterday were in one of their heavy trends, and a family was crossing the street. The mother muttered some encouragements in Italian to cross the street quikly. The two prepubescent boys were crossing the street with their mouths gaping open, trying to catch snowflakes. "These ones must be overly ripe", I thought, reminded of a peanuts cartoon. Then I grinned. Grinned with a sharp exhalation through my nose. The exhalation led to a jerk in the throat.
"hhm - hu-hmm - ha-hum - hm-hm-hm... The mother had caught my eye as I'd begun the suppressed laugh. Her breathing patter mimicked mine and within moments we were both in absolute guffahs. The elderly woman ahead of her turned to question her in Italian. "What is so funny?"
Truly nothing. But that was the most community that I had on this Easter Sunday.

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