Freitag, 29. August 2008

*shivers as 75,000 people chant "Yes We Can"

*"He had a childhood like any other" Is that so? I don't remember living in Indonesia.

*I already saw most of this pre-film I've already seen on "Obama Revealed" on CNN International. Most of this I've already read in "Dreams of My Father".

*all ready a bit of tears and his only just said "I accept your nomination".

*dude, the whole 'they want you to pull you up by your bootstraps even if you don't have any boots' line was killer

*fantastic soundbites are just rolling in

*whenever he says "you" he's looking right at me! He means me! He's calling me a patriot! He thinks that this election is about me!

*I dislike it when he whistles his s's

*I like when his voice gets all trembly.

*COUNTRY?!?!?!?! panderer

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