Mittwoch, 3. September 2008

Mark Twain once said "When the world ends, I want to be in Mississippi, because it'd be 20 years before anybody realized."
I find it strange, as a man who'd visited Switzerland, that he would choose Mississippi, instead of this good ol' monument to the passe.
The teens who follow footballer styles all look like snapshots of old high school boyfriends of my older cousins. I imagine that someone is just dieing to call them "Baffo". Perhaps even "Baffo Mondo".
I get all sad when I listen to the NPR movies podcast. I sigh deepl knowing that, unless it is a special about the Cannes film festival, I will not be able to see any of the movies which they are discussing for another 6 moths to a year!
Perhaps the most clear example, though, is "Crocs". I was listening to the NPR pop-culture podcast and had to laugh. They were discussing the financial repercussions of the dieing of this fad. The death of the Crocs fad. They discussed it as if it was already up there with slap bracelets and jellies. Meanwhile Crocs have just hit it big here in Switzerland. It is only 6 months, or so, since they are everywhere. When I say everywhere, I mean shoe shops that are far too good for them, specialty shops that sell only Crocs and Crocs accessories (those weird things that you stick in the holes) and, since this August, in the cloak room of my Kindergarten.
Being a Swiss Kindergarten, outside shoes are not allowed inside. If you are like me, you are wondering if Crocs would work better as outside shoes or "Finken" (or house shoes, which in our school range from out-right slippers to high-heel clikkety-clakkety shoes for a few). The answer is: BOTH! Over the past few weeks, more and more children have been bringing Crocs. This means that many mothers had bought new school shoes and finken for their children and were then pressured to buy yet another pair, so that that child could have Crocs.
As of this week more than %75 of our kids have at least one set of Crocs for indoor or outdoor use. Most of those children have two parirs for both uses.

I realize that as I write this, I have a hair cut that I would never wear in the US in this decade. I'm not necessarily a hypocrite, though. Try as I might, every hairdresser gives me and every third other woman, this layered 80's style. Plus, when in Rome.......


  1. I outlawed Crocs as outside shoes for my kids because they are SO impossible to run or climb in. I find them very irritating, (though cute!) and am happy to hear that the fad is dying. Paula got married in a white bejewled pair, because they are her favorite shoes.

  2. I forgot to add the everlasting style which lives on here: The un-worn-in baseball cap with the sticker still on the bill. That was cool in Philly almost 5 years ago. Brand new here.