Mittwoch, 1. Oktober 2008

doctor heal thyself

Ivo and I have discovered that we're jaded. It's sad but true. When Dani went in for surgery for her wrist, it was astonishing to me. The very idea that someone would have a definable, identifiable problem that would be operated upon and solved was astonishing to me. However, there it was, she was repaired. All better. No problem. Done.
Today Remo had an operation on his shoulder. He injured it on y boat a few years ago. He was stoned and wanted Ivo to take an action shot of him jumping on the wet deck of a ferry. He slipped and injured himself and then headed off to Amsterdam to medicate himself and thought nothing of it. Turns out the injury was worse than he understood, and that this was the result of a genetic weirdy thing that affects his back and shoulders just like his dad and grand-dad.
So today he had surgery. They operated on his shoulder and now it should be alright. He's requested the dvd of the surgery. The little med-student wants to see how it went down. We know this, because he told us when we went to visit him. Before visiting him, we had to give a bit of care to Dani, who was a wreck. I get it. It's like the parents at the kindergarten. Her baby is the center of her universe and she can't understand why the medical staff treats him like one patent in a sea of patients. I get it. This is her baby and a big surgery and she is upset.
Meanwhile, I looked at Ivo's face and he was fine. His baby brother had surgery and he was fine. He admitted that after waiting so often for his lover to come out of surgery had made him a bit relaxed about loved ones going under the knife. When he's awaited my being to be deposited in post-op it was after an operation that may or may not have good results in a line of surgeries and treatments that may or may not help an illness that may or may not get better. Like me, the idea of awaiting a loved one's surgical recovery which entails fixing a fixable problem is a bit of a wonder, more than a stress. This big strong healthy man was being treated helped and healed. What a miracle.
Poor moms.
Remo is healing well and I think that the biggest of his problems will be boredom and whatever morbid fascination he has.

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