Donnerstag, 29. September 2011

abandon all hope ye who enter paradise

We're not abandoning hope, but leaving some dreams behind and heading to Hawaii to lick our wounds.
This week, Ivo got word that his grant proposal has been rejected. He's a trooper and after barely a day of being disappointed (and some Jessy-made brownies) he was already thinking of new opportunities and options for all of that work that he did. A phone call to his advisor this morning fed the flame of his determination.

This morning, we had our 2nd to last phone call with our social worker at OAFS. We all continue to stay hopeful that we'll get the call from a birthmother in October (after all, Ivo's schedule just opened up big time) but the pain it's hard to ignore the window closing on our opportunity to be chosen by a birth-mother in the States. This means no child for another 2 years at best (thanks to Swiss beauracracy). We continue to remind ourselves that we know where this road ends, but not how it looks, but things pop up and remind us that we'd hoped to return to Switzerland with a kid. More than anything, I'm nervous because I know that we will not be adopting from an agency as hands-on, involved and caring as Open Adoption and Family Services.
In the meantime, we get a very special episode set in Hawaii. Our cup runneth over even despite the baby-sized hole in it.

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