Freitag, 19. Juni 2015


I've been trying to spend less time with my earbuds in, in an attempt to be more present and to better feel my place in a community. In the past, I've really been rewarded by it. But I tend to rely on the English language podcasts I listen to for homesickness. And there are so many walks with my dog, that I want to feel like I'm doing else as well. (Not very mindful of me.)
Today, I was practicing unplugged life while walking my dog behind the school yard by my house. There were city workers mowing the lawns on riding mowers and I saw the kids on the playground watch with fascination. But then, when the mower was on the other side of the lawn, the children had furrowed brows and were shouting at each other and kept squatting down to look for something in the grass.
I'd heard their shouting, dropped my dog leash and asked if they needed help. They were so distressed and told me that they were worried for a little frog that they couldn't manage to scoop up. So I jumped the short fence and grabbed the teeny tiny toad and handed it over to one anguished children. By this time, the riding mower was quite near to us, but the driver had slowed to allow for our rescue. It felt like a real endorsement of my earbudless dog walk. I felt like a member of my neighborhood and connected to the people around me. Let's see if this lasts. 

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