Dienstag, 7. Juli 2015

"It's too darn hot"

That was the song my roommate sang to me when our heating broke in our old apartment in the middle of winter. But today it isn't ironic. It's being written by a puddle of a woman.
Until now, I've tried to summon gratitude for the heat - or at least the sunshine - by remembering Jessy in the winter. But it was thoroughly mild this year and the only complaint that spurs grstitude was that of late sunrises.
Today, I'm trying to remember pleasant memories of heat. It started this morning. As I left on my bike, I rembered our evening in Needles, CA, the hottest place in the southwest statistically, and the waves emanating from the asphalt.
I remembered hiking in Tuscany on our first wedding anniversary and losing my breath, as Ivo said "but this heat is dry." And I argued that humodity is great for hiking and acts as a nebulizer.
I remembered the weekend I fell in love with Ivo, May 2004. hours before I realized the intensity of my feelings for him, he opened his car door and the moist heat of Philadelphia invaded our previously air-conditioned space and he groaned "oh, no!" In a way reminiscent of someone realizing that they'd lost there leyes back in another state. The following "I can't do this!" was vexing, as I wondered "Does he mean 'I can't leave this car' or '...go apartment hunting with you' or '...imagine a long distance relationship that involves visiting a place with the temp and moisture of my bloodstream.'?
I've briefly visited the memories of all the times I've had sun/heat stroke and/or fainted, but only as motivation to eat a banana (a food I loathe). Mainly, while I'm turning into a puddle here and Ivo is navigating the news in Greece (in astonishingly cooler temps) I'm just marinating in the memories of Ivo and I in sweltering temperatures. 

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