Dienstag, 21. Juli 2015

8th wedding anniversary

"Hey-mom told me that you guys picked a day for the wedding!  July 21st, right?  A perfect day as I see it.  Let me break it down numerologically for your punk ass. Twenty one is a perfect number in Black Jack.  We all know that.  But 7, the number associated with the month of July, is perfect too, not just in craps, or in slot machines, but also in the book of revelations, and in popular movies like "seven brides for seven brothers," "The seven year itch," and "seven" (well, maybe you should forget those last two).  Also, if you divide 7 into 21 you get three.  7 and 3 are both prime numbers, the purest numbers there are, bitch.  And three is universally recognized as a perfect number, not only in school house rock, in which it was celebrated as "the magic number," but again in the bible, where yout got all kinds of threes - not least of which is the father, the son, and the holy ghost.  Hello?  Also, don't forget the three stooges, the three Marx Brothers, the Three Caballeros, the Three Amigos, the Three Little Bears, and Huey, Louey and Dewey, the three nephews.  And guess what?  When you add the digits of the number of the day, what do you get?  Two and one are three!  I'm telling you, this shit is unbelievable.  Plus, it'll be the year 07.  That means that not only do you have seven again, but here you have two out of three of the numbers of the greatest spy in History, OK?  And if you say those numbers out loud your practically singing the chorus of one of the greatest reggae songs of all time, "007 (Shantytown)" by Desmond Dekker and the Aces.  So basically,  good going with the date.  I don't even think there could be a better date than July 21st. In fact, I dare you to think of one better.  Go ahead.  Do it."
I think of this email from my brother every year on our anniversary. If luck plays a role, then we picked a lucky day. If the support of family plays a role, than Ivo and I are in for a long and happy marriage. 

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