Freitag, 18. April 2008

silly anicdote.

It's a terrible thing. Whenever I see the word "Haiti" I think of an amusing story that my friend told me. This is unfortunate, as most times, reading the word "Haiti", is no time for amusement.

My friend was saying goodbye to her father and wishing him a good trip. I asked where he was going.
"To Haiti. It's my parent's anniversary."
"Oh...That's nice."
For some reason, I didn't think of Haiti as a lover's destination.
"Yeah, that's where they went on their honeymoon."
Again I was confused.Haiti for a honeymoon?
"You see, my father wanted to surprise my mother with their honeymoon trip. He took her to a place where she had once said that she had always wanted to go. They board the plane and the flight attendant is giving information and says the destination: Haiti. My mom is all freaked. She asks my dad 'Haiti? Really?' He says 'Yeah. You said you always wanted to go tah Haiti.' 'Nooooo. Ta-hiti. Tahiti, not tah' Haiti.' Anyway they had a blast and they go back every 5 years since to volunteer."

So silly.

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