Donnerstag, 10. April 2008

bugs or men

I have decided that one can never truly know a person, or even oneself, without an infestation. The Kindergarten where I work has been bothered by ants for a few weeks now, and what it has taught me about myself and my colleagues has been priceless. Theories that I had about myself and my co-workers have been tested. Some have proved to be way off.
An example of this would be the fact that I previously had believed that I was not actually a typical American. I'm all, ya know, livin' in another country....learnin' a new language....learnin' that the Cold War is over. (That you George Bush, for the breaking news this week.)UNTRUE!!! I am more American than I ever knew?! And not only because my idea of America has recently been skewed by the release of a book that says that there are more Chinese food restaurants in America than McDonalds and Burger King combined.
Here have been the reactions to our unwanted squatters.
Katrin: "We had ants at my vacation home. They came in and went right out the other way. Never strayed. Never touched a thing.
-I think that they'll just come and go.
-If we kill a few and leave them, the others will take the hint. "
Monika: Bought traps and showed valid disappointment when I attempted to gas them with ammonia.
Barbara: Bowls of beer or wine will trap them.
- I think that they'll just come and go.
(not so, Barbara. Not so.)
Salome: "Don't they only come and go in two weeks?"
(no Salome. Its been longer than 2 weeks and I DON'T THINK THAT THESE ARE THE COME-AND-GO KIND)
My enlightened colleagues are attempting to teach the children the nature and science of ants as they freak and stamp and alert us to each creature. (doing exactly what I secretly want to.)
I do.
I am this peaceful Quaker chick who loves my pacifist husband and was told that I don't belong in America if I don't like the war (not sayin' "I told you so"). Nevertheless, I seriously dream about a weekend long bug-bomb, that'll eliminate every last one.

Guess we'll have to just watch that the floor isn't so sticky. I'll have to suppress my killer-instinct.

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