Montag, 12. Mai 2008

buttons and bells

My paternal grandfather once said that a woman could not be president because at a certain time of the month, she would push the button. I believed, at the time that "the button" had something to do with....some sort of irreversible military decision that is enacted by means of button-pushing. I can't be sure, however. Had I been a bit more aware as a child, I would have probably asked about the button. But then, I would have also probably pointed out that any woman old enough or accomplished enough to reach the race for the precedence, would probably be post-menopausal.

This morning I was listening to my podcast of NBC's Meet the Press and I am fairly sure that Clinton's Campaign Chairman was about to make the "tired" excuse for her again. This whole gross sound-bite in which Clinton seems to use "hard-working Americans" and "white Americans" interchangeably, was distressing. Terry McAuliffe merely said "It's been a long campaign."

Between McCain senility causing him to mistakenly referring to the wrong group in Iraq and Clinton being so tired that she wells-up, miss remembers a girl giving her a flower for sniper-fire and interchangeably referring to "hard-working Americans" and "white Americans", I think that I'll vote for the youthful and coherent Barack Obama.

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