Sonntag, 4. Mai 2008

Sitting in Idealneyachashna cafe

-No anymore, but I shall write about the experience.
It appears that traffic cops are some of the least trustworthy people in all of Russia. I can believe this even more after my experience in the Idealneyachshna cafe.

A tow truck appears on the corner of a busy street. He takes photos of one of two parked cars. One from each corner of the car. He passes from passenger to driver's side. Then he knocks on the driver's window of the car in front of that which he is photographing. He gestures further down the road. He looks pessimistic and then gives the driver a last warning shrug. I interpret this to mean "your funeral, buddy".

I attend to my tea.

I look up. A happy police officer watches as the first car, the photographed car, is pulled upon the tow truck. The warned driver of the other car looks disappointed, and then drives away.

I attend to my carrot cake.

I look up. A woman holds a video camera. A man sits in the would-be-towed car. It is being lowered back onto the street. The woman is recording this experience.
The car is now safely on the street. The waitress takes my crumb-covered plate. The driver mops his brow. Mops his eyes. Shouts a few select words. Mops his mouth. The truck and car both depart, both lighter and heavier than before.
We leave the cafe and look. The rest of the curb, that which was not visible from the cafe window. The curb is full with parked cars.

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