Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2008

The Doctor is Out

It's spring time. The weather is warm and lovely
and children are happy to replace donning Rain trousers for sun cream. This afternoon I was out in the Kindergarten's garden with the little ones and was taxed. Terribly taxed. Every single
child had a good cry today. A few were crying because of exclusion, misunderstanding or sleepiness. Most, however, were first aid situations. They were so orderly about it. One accident after another.
Girl with broken arm, falls on other arm.
Push - Fall - mouth-whack. Most asked if, after the bleeding or tears had stopped, they may sit by me a moment. This means that almost the entire afternoon I was accompanied by a child breathing heavily: post-sobbing-sighing. I like to be a giver of comfort, but all of that suffering, however minor, is tiring.

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