Donnerstag, 18. August 2011

Two Opinions Diverge in a House.

We've divvied-up writing assignments for our Rt 66 book and are now on State number 2. State number one was easy. I laid alot of groundwork with information on public transport and differentiation guidelines for hotels/motels. Here in Missouri, Ivo is waxing romantic about the Jesse James and other fun history he's discovered and fallen in love with and discribing the less flattering sides of American history. Meanwhile, I'm writing what feels like an obituary.
I had fun writing about the cicadas and telling the history of the comical Burma Shave sequence ads, but even the latter began to show the mournful nature my contributions to this book have taken.  Even while on the road, Ivo saw beauty where I saw a a grave-sight. He wanted to photograph the dillapidated towns, while I wanted to cover them in proverbial shrouds. Like some sort of confused  Ebinizer Scrooge, I was unsure if this was a vission of what was or what is still to come.
I'm currently writing an "info box" on food. As the writer who has searched, researched and contributed lists of every possible farmer's market and organic food store, I am also the person to write about why one may need to stock up at these points. Writing about food deserts and the evolution of the diet in these economically depressed areas that surround the old "mother road" is a bit gloomy. I'm unsure of how factual I need to be and how negative I should let myself go.
Here in the Mijnssen home, Ivo's singing "American the Beautiful" , while I'm moaning the tune to "American Pie".

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