Montag, 1. August 2011

_____ weather for a _______ holiday

My mother is coming for a visit and I'm excited and nervous. We have all manner of things planned and we've had practise showing off our city. One things that we still seem unable to do is helping visitors know what or how to pack. I told Olivia to expect gray, fog and cold temperatures and then we had an unexpected warm, sunny week.
With Jonas and Oli, so went the gorgeous weather. It's been cold and foggy, with a few hours of afternoon sun in the afternoons, but here comes August. "July gloom" should soon ebb away. This does not mean that we will be any better at working out how to dress for the day. We've got to wear our light layers and inevitably wind up over- or under-dressed.
Tomorrow is first of August, the swiss national holiday. As will recurrently be the case in my life, I'll be in another country while family is joining together and celebrating some tradition or other....

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