Freitag, 3. April 2015

C is for Confoederatio Helvetic

The only thing you need to know about Confederatio Helvetica is that it means that our websites end .ch
But seriously folks - the abbreviation for Switzerland is CH because of a federal charter signed in 1291 by Uri (the canton with my favorite flag), Unterwalden and Schwyz. They hoped to form a united front in order to maintain peace. The charter itself is disputed, as some people don't think that this bit of origin myth took place. But they celebrate it all the same on the first of August each year. (<- b="" be="" might="" my="" that="">F
)For the next couple of centuries their little band acquired or conquered other territories and grew to include 13 original cantons (which rings familiar to my american ears.) Between 1525 and 1648, 4 wars sprung up in response to the spread of the reformation (don't worry, R will come soon enough) until the Peace of Westphalia broke out and the lil Swiss Confederation that could was officially recognized as being separate form Rome. (Maybe R should be Rome?)
The french came and went (our neighborhood grew fruit and veg for Napoleon) and then our lil Helvetique added Valais, Neuchatel and Genev grew to 22 cantons! In the congress of Vienna in 1815, Switzerland had properly defined it's identity as the Confederation Helvetia and cemented it's identity as a neutral nation (or had it's identiy cemented for them) (hint for what N might be) and not just a big of group of banks that don't share information. (Refer back to B for that one.)

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