Donnerstag, 23. April 2015

T is for Ticino

Ticino is the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland. The population is 346,539 of Switzerland's 8 million. (The french part is called the Welsch part or Romandie and the part that speaks Romansch is called Graubunden or Grissons.) It has been a part of Switzerland since the 15th century and the country has enjoyed the cuisine ever since.
They're represented in the upper house of parliament by 16 representatives (2 per canton) and in the lower house by 8 representatives.
3 of the world's gold refineries is in the Ticino and it's also the place with the better film festival in the country. They do most of their trade with Italy, but as a Swiss region, their main business is - of course - is banking.
Something else that is remarkable about the Swiss region that borders Italy is the fact that the border is changing. As glaciers melt, the imaginary line between the two nations is altered. And yet the two countries just quietly and politely agree upon a new surveyal of the areas.
When we were living in San Francisco, we'd escape to the Mission in the south when we needed some sun and warmth. In Switzerland, the Ticino is our Mission. The climate is infinitely sunnier and warmer than here in Zürich.

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