Dienstag, 14. April 2015

L is for Ladies spaces

I'm a feminist and I am a strong woman who used to live in much larger cities, but damn do I love ladies parking spaces.
Ironically, I first heard about these swiss additional on the American NPR quiz show "Wait, wait, don't tell me..." while on a city bus here in Zürich. I believe that my reaction at the time was t"how sexist and misogynistic!" But then there was that time when I was driving my friend's car in a shopping complex with a poorly lit garage, where some people were spending time in the corners and I was feeling ill at ease. But then there they were!: ugly and pink and right in front of the entrance to the complex next to the handicapped spaces - ladies parking spaces. And I loved it.
Sure, having a vagina or identifying as female isn't a handicap per se, but I happen to know that I walk through dank scary places alone with my keys between my fingers and my husband doesn't. (That way if you have to punch someone it will hurt more.) So maybe what we really need is "nervous nelly" parking spaces and not ladies spaces...
Sadly, these spaces are disappearing because the garages are meant to be brighter and more secure than they were when the government instated them. They'll be missed by this nervous nelly.

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